September 10, 2020, 11:32:07 am by MartinJ | Views: 1720 | Comments: 21

Hi guys,

Are we doing collab this year?

Cant see any info...  :)

[Admin edit: Copy/Paste from Samuli message]
So let's do this! collaboration-video 2020 ´The big bangér theory´and let's spread the world of making this like covid-19 is spreading and infect all the players to take part! Let's maker this bigger than any pandemic ever was or will be. This is it!

- practice your banger tricks as well as You're able to do it
- dress up your tricks and yourself to look like a banger! (even use makeup, if you can get your hands on some)
- Put camera  settings on best quality possible, find a place with good light and let your camera roll as long it's needed to capture you doing that banger trick and landing it well.
- Pick just the tricks You want to share with the world!
- Send your big banger tricks to me, with filetransfer or some way (raulisamuli at is the address)  Before the end of October!

Then I'll do the rest and We'll get ´The big bangér theory´ collaboration video ready for the holidays!


August 18, 2020, 04:42:03 pm by Wis | Views: 561 | Comments: 2

August 06, 2020, 09:11:22 am by grums | Views: 622 | Comments: 1

Hello Diabolo players

this is my new video. Because of the situation and some problemes before that, I had to be very patient before I can make it.
but finally it's there. I used the new edition of the Soarin diabolo, I love the new color red cherry.
enjoy it

Alexis Levillon

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